Eric Rempel

Founder & CIO

Eric Rempel is the Founder & Chief Information Officer of 3PLogic. He previously held the position of Chief Technology Officer at 3PLogic’s sister company, Transportation Solutions Group. As CTO, Eric and his team developed a proprietary transportation management system that combines historical analytics, market data and operational best-practices, enabling employees to make quick and accurate decisions.

In 2008, Eric founded 3PLogic with the goal to increase efficiency, control and visibility for shippers. He accomplished this by integrating a powerful transportation decision engine into shippers’ supply chains via an entirely web-based TMS. This software-as-a-service business model has enabled 3PLogic to quickly and effectively deliver enterprise-grade solutions to mid-size shippers across many verticals.

Eric received a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering with a minor in mathematics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2002.